We Offer:

Ingage Media provides a turnkey service. Every element is managed and delivered by us.

Bringing you closer

Ingage media combines leadership in global out of home and experiential marketing platforms. Understanding the consumer’s environment, what they’re thinking and doing at different destinations, allows us to offer brands more intelligent and efficient ways of targeting audiences. Using our media at the best sporting, music and cultural events makes our real world environment interesting, stimulating and engaging via a broad spectrum of emotive entanglements. Our proven media means we can help any advertiser get their message right in front of their target audience. We target specific groups within each platform giving each brand a precise demographic to reach. Precise execution is very important to us, catering to the specific needs of each client from activations’, spot broadcasting to user engagement and feedback.

We combine the buying power of our clients to secure better rates on purchased media. This includes most traditional platforms, from print, TV to OOH and new media.

Our independence means we’re free to buy with precision and put clients first. We judge our success by your success and we love what we do. That means we go the extra mile for our clients to make sure that their campaigns are successful.