ZRG Film Festival 2014

ZRG Film Festival 2014

Ingage Media has teamed up with Zeller Reality Group to create an outdoor cinema event in Pioneer Court. Ingage media works and creates events all over the world. Pioneer court is the busiest location on Michigan Avenue with over 100,000 people a day passing through the plaza. It is the home to the local NBC Universal Network, The Wrigley building, Fidelity Investment Management and The world famous Chicago Tribune. This area is home to 3 major shopping malls and various department stores including Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. It is busy 24hrs a day.
For 5 days we will showcase 5 films, all made in Chicago on a huge 312sqft HD screen.
The five films are; The Blue Brothers, Batman The Dark Knight, Cinema Paradisio, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Untouchables.

Package Details

Dates: 28th July to 1st August 2014
Screen Size and Location: 312sqft HD LED Screen running in full color, sound and motion Pioneer Plaza 401 Michigan Avenue
Screen operating times: 6am – 7pm, 7.45pm – 10pm, (13hrs per day)
Screen Content: Movie of the day and select advertising packages
Package: 6 x 30” per hour over 5 days, plus a 60” or 90” spot 10 minutes before each film 390 x 30”
Impressions: 850,000 +, high disposable income.
Rate Card: $25,000


For the International Film festival the screen was angled towards North Michigan Avenue to maximize visibility.
The screen was visible from 2 blocks away.


We had a variety of activations we offered onsite ranging from product placement, brand education, product sampling, call to action, step and repeat, data collection and static advertising.

We provided a turn key service for all activations including providing models to represent your brand. Printing of all marketing materials was required.